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In addition to real estate, you can also discover unforgettable experiences with us. We offer services and activities tailored to the needs of people.

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Da Vinci: There is only one key that opens all doors!

It is no coincidence that you stopped by our website! It can also be the key to the property you want. Or simply that key you would like to sell with our help. The key is that our paths met ...


Love and passion ...

to the real estate, nature, and conservation of our planet. If you are looking for a pleasant family home, with a touch of homeliness and warmth, perhaps an old Mediterranean or alpine house, with a rich history and tradition ....

Strawberry Choice

Strawberry selection

He can choose real estate from our portfolio or we can find you exactly the one you want and you can describe it to us (luxury villas, land, tourist complexes and commercial real estate).
We are also the right address for you if you want to invest in land intended for the construction of houses, apartments, hotel complexes, glamping and business complexes (office, commercial and logistics).

Let yourself be surprised and entrust us with your wishes.

Maybe you have been dreaming of your own island, in the Adriatic archipelago, where you will be able to build your own paradise villa and enjoy the silence, peace and freedom ... among the pine trees and the crickets? Or do you want to buy a luxury villa with a beautiful sea view?


Let's discover together ...

All this and more can be hidden in luxury villas, if you just allow yourself to experience them in all their colors, shapes, smells and above all stories.

And last but not least… real estate will be able to stay even when we are long gone. As a family silverware and as a place of the most beautiful memories.


Real estate is
our passion

They don’t talk, but each has their own story. What could we all find out if they could talk to us? Maybe stories of old fishermen or grandmothers baking the best bread ...?

Let's help

We help you

The sunflower flower does not ask for war or peace.
It grows and blooms and turns its most beautiful part towards the sun every day.

Every month, we select someone who needs help and provide all real estate services for free.


All in one place

Studio da Vinci doo combines not only real estate, decoration and interior equipment, but also the promotion and marketing of real estate. In this way, inefficiently spent time is reduced for both the client and the real estate company.


Become a member of the DaVinci VIP Club and sign up to the exclusive VIP list of valued business partners.

We are part of a global movement.

Save_Soil_studiodavinci_Real Estate

Save Soil is a global movement founded by Sadhguru to address the soil crisis. It brings together people from all over the world to advocate for soil health and supports leaders of all nations to introduce national policies and measures to increase organic content in arable soils. .


As many as there are houses, there are also stories that can be silently told to us.

But each of us wants to have a pleasant and warm home, a home holiday home or a luxury villa, where he can invite his friends in addition to his family. Real estate is actually a space that allows us a long-term stay, socializing and pleasant memories. They can also offer a reliable return and a stable long-term investment in the case of the purchase of investment property (luxury villas, castles, islands, hotels, commercial real estate ...).




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The dog has always been considered man’s best friend and has remained so to this day.

Many studies confirm that dogs have remarkable therapeutic effects on children, all family members, patients, as well as people in the workplace. A dog as a company in offices increases work efficiency and relieves stress.

In the home environment, it brings joy and a better mood to every family. It's really "happiness on a leash:"

It is even better if he lives in an environment where he does not need a rope at all.

That is why, as a real estate company, we are very respectful and loving to dogs, as well as to all other living beings and all kinds of pets.

You are always welcome with us in the company of your dog.